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Using Technology to Bring Healthcare Back to the Community

Working with Hospitals and Facilities

SouthlandMD will work with you to provide telehealth solutions at your facility. This partnership gives you access to physicians 24/7 who can consult, diagnose or prescribe medications by phone or web video for short-term illnesses. Connecting with our telehealth program will allow your facility to better care for patients (especially in rural areas) with specialists and offer services not found in your community.

Preserving Quality of Health

Using the SouthlandMD telehealth program will connect you to specialists to help improve your patients’ health and save your facility money. Doctors aren’t limited to once a week on-site visits and patients are seen in a timely manner for their minor illnesses. Also, patients are no longer required to drive hundreds of miles to seek specialty care and risk miscommunication between specialist and their primary care doctor.

Providing Practitioners and Leadership

Providing a network of experienced Telehealth physicians and knowledge in telemedicine solutions that work for Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, Private Practices, and Behavioral Health facilities.

Innovative Technology

Using technology to bridge the gap between patient and provider. We use mobile & web apps to provide real-time metrics & charting for providers in addition to two-way video and virtual wait rooms.

Experienced Providers

The network of board-certified providers offers facilities the specialists they need. 24/7. SouthlandMD provides on-demand providers to work seamlessly with your medical team.

Cost Savings

Facilities see cost savings using telemedicine technology to power care coordination, readmission reduction, and lower healthcare spend.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Patients can access doctors anytime, anywhere. Doctors have charts and can make updates easily to make them accessible to PCP. Telemedicine doctors, you see are able to ePrescribe and consult on patients in real-time to get the patient on the right course and treatment plan.

Patients Treated Annually

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