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Outpatient Care

Making Communities Healthier One Patient At A Time

Offering Specialty and Outpatient Care

SouthlandMD’s experience in outpatient services ranges from general primary care and chronic disease treatments to on-site x-ray, wound care, weight loss, and in-house labs. With the help of our providers the offices can offer extended and weekend hours. Locations provide services for pediatric to adult patients and depending on the office accept most insurance plans (including Medicare and Tricare).

Providing Experienced Providers

SouthlandMD’s team of physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners have several years of experience and are dedicated to treating each patient with the highest compassionate quality care in healthcare. We partner with primary care physicians, family medicine offices, and specialty care clinics to help expand the number of medical providers patients can see to reduce wait times and offer services outside the hospital setting.

Ancillary Services

We can support facilities with providers who can perform ancillary care. These services can be classified into three categories: diagnostic, therapeutic, and custodial.

  • Diagnostic services include laboratory tests, radiology, and diagnostic imaging.
  • Therapeutic services range from rehabilitation to physical and occupational therapy (i.e. wound care).
  • Custodial services include everything from hospice care and long-term acute care to nursing facilities and urgent care.

Primary Care Services

We can offer practices experienced doctors, physician assistants, and/or nurse practitioners who can support you with:

  • Well visits and physicals
  • Immunizations both for children and adults
  • Treating acute illnesses and injuries–from the flu to broken bones
  • Managing chronic illness and coordinating complex care with specialists
  • Nutrition and weight loss care
  • Pediatric and adolescent care

Community Health

Ease of access to medical care can help to improve overall community health. We feel treating people where they live helps prevent chronic illnesses and maintains a healthier lifestyle. Being able to treat common aliements and manage ceraint types of diseases (i.e. Diabetes) has a positive impact on a patient and the community.

Patient Satisfaction

Having providers live and work in a community helps build relationships with our patients. This is important to making a patient feel safe and listened too. A patient who is satisfied with their medical care is more likely to take better care of themselves.

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