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Hospitalist Medicine

Improving Inpatient Care for Hospitals and Patients


SouthlandMD forms partnerships with the hospital and primary care physicians in the community to better treat the medical needs and improve both the inpatient and outpatient experience for the patient. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for the patient from the hospital back to their primary care physician.


The Hospitalist Medicine program provides you with SouthlandMD physicians who have several years of experience and no other responsibilities outside the hospital, which enables them to focus exclusively on the care of the acutely ill, hospitalized patients. Many of our physicians have established relationships with the hospital staff and local medical community which helps establish great communication when treating patients.


We have over 10 years of experience and proven success with Hospitalist Medicine programs. Our partner hospitals have seen results both financially and with patient satisfaction. The impact has been an increase in the inpatient census, a reduction in unnecessary transfers, and a decrease in readmission rates because of the high quality care provided by SouthlandMD providers.


Effective communication both inside the hospital and between a patient and their primary care physician is important for the overall health of the patient. Having clear communication and an effective transition of care plan during the patient’s stay can save on costs and increase day-to-day operating efficiency.

Improved Patient Outcomes

We can help hospitals ensure continuity of care following discharge by implementing a clear process for the whole care team to follow. The hospital and patients benefit from communication between providers, access to medical history, knowledge of the treatment plan which in turn can reduce readmissions.

Hybrid Hospitalists Program

This program enables lower-volume facilities to afford Hospitalist programs. Our Hospitalist physicians work both in the hospital and emergency department to see patients.

Wound Care

SouthlandMD offers inpatient and outpatient wound care services aimed at healing complex wounds that create cost savings and revenue-generating improvements. During the COVID-19 outbreak, a vast majority of patients were not able to visit their primary care or wound care centers and came to the emergency room or stayed home. We provide expertise and providers experienced in wound care management at Hospitals and Nursing Facilities.

Alliance MD

SouthlandMD’s Physician Management Advisory Service is AllianceMD. This program places a Physician Advisor(s) into a hospital that will work directly with your doctors, nurses, medical staff, case managers, and hospital administration. Having a dedicated Physician Advisor who specializes in compliance and regulatory issues is key to your success. For more details on how the AllianceMD program can help your hsopital download the brochure.

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