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    Emergency Medicine

    Our Emergency Department providers are skilled, experienced, and committed to keeping the CARE in healthcare.


    SouthlandMD understands the challenges associated with managing an ED including staffing shortages, which can lead to inefficient ED operations, suboptimal patient care, and poor staff satisfaction.


    By obtaining medical providers that are committed to a facility, SouthlandMD is able to excel in the teamwork approach of medicine with the ancillary staff and promote interdisciplinary relationships with the medical staff to assist in meeting organizational goals.


    With a core group of over 525 physicians and advanced practice providers, SouthlandMD works with hospitals every day to reduce wait times and improve patient satisfaction.

    Improved Patient Throughput

    With our knowledge and experience working in Emergency Departments, we can help your ED update its process to reduce door to provider time as well as improve the admission and discharge process. By improving patient flow, providers can properly care for and treat patients in a more efficient manner.

    Increased Patient Satisfaction

    We can improve your patient satisfaction scores by working with management and ED staff to streamline the process centered on the services you offer and the demographics of your patients. Our goal is to reduce wait times and triage patients based on care needs to provide high quality care.

    Experienced ED Providers

    We bring a suite of 500+ providers who have worked in Emergency Departments for decades. They bring their expertise to enhance the ED environment for both the staff and patients. Having shared goals and clear communication between the hospital and staff helps to have a team approach to better treat patients.

    Community Care

    It is important to overall community health to have a well-staffed Emergency Departments. Sometimes the ED is the only source of health care for miles and in an emergency every second counts. We feel treating people where they live helps prevent chronic illnesses and can even save a life.

    Patients Treated Annually

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