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SouthlandMD Ranks #1 for Highest Overall Retention Among Emergency Physicians In the Country

THOMASVILLE, GA | March 15, 2024 – SouthlandMD continues to be recognized as a top Emergency Medicine employer in the United States. Data was reviewed from the top employers of emergency physicians in the country and reported that emergency physicians ranked SouthlandMD #1 in overall retention index as providing the best work environment (multiple factors were used to determine retention rate and index).

“Being ranked #1 for Emergency Medicine Physician Retention isn’t just a testament to our excellence; it’s a reflection of our commitment to creating an environment where talented providers feel valued, supported, and empowered to make a difference every day. SouthlandMD is a community of dedicated professionals working together to ensure the highest standards of care for every patient is received everyday across all of our facilities. We are honored to be recognized amongst national companies,” stated Dr. Allen Lee, CEO of SouthlandMD.

This is important because understanding why physicians choose and leave jobs is critical to understanding burnout and physician satisfaction and attrition. It is also thought to be tied to the quality of patient care delivered. Read the full article in March’s EM News on Retention Metrics Signal Employer Quality.

SouthlandMD Ranks #1 for Highest Overall Retention Among Emergency Physicians

SouthlandMD has established itself as a top employer in the Southeast for both providers and hospitals. With a network of over 600 providers, the management and providers bring years of experience and have a clear insight into patient care and the healthcare problems faced by hospitals. A focus on employee satisfaction offering work-life balance, open communication, continuing education and training opportunities can contribute to SouthlandMD‘s 95 percent retention rate since 2008 and meeting patient quality standards every quarter across their partner facilities.

In addition, SouthlandMD was listed as the 25th largest provider of Emergency Medicine services in the United States, according to the State of the US Emergency Medicine Employer Market report by Ivy Clinicians in August 2023.