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Mercer University Recognizes Alumnus & SouthlandMD Founder – Dr. Allen Lee

Dr. Allen Lee and SouthlandMD are proud to be recognized by “the Den“, an online resource that highlights all things Mercer. Dr. Lee, a dedicated Mercer University alumnus, is at the forefront of a revolutionary endeavor to transform healthcare delivery in rural Georgia. Armed with his unwavering commitment and visionary zeal, Dr. Lee has established and continues to pioneer the growth of SouthlandMD, a company dedicated to providing exceptional medical services to rural hospitals. Under his capable leadership, SouthlandMD has taken a pivotal role in managing hospital and facility physicians, enhancing service quality, and significantly improving patient satisfaction metrics. This game-changing initiative represents a beacon of hope for rural communities, bridging the gap in healthcare disparities and uplifting the standard of care to unprecedented levels.

Learn more about Dr. Allen Lee and SouthlandMD at Mercer’s the Den.