Our Main Services for Hospitals, Providers, and Patients
/<a name="emed"></a><h3>Emergency Medicine</h3>

Emergency Medicine

We understand the challenges associated with managing an ED including staffing shortages, which can lead to inefficient ED operations, suboptimal patient care, and poor staff satisfaction. Hiring new staff can be time-consuming and comes with many risks, including that of hiring less-than-competent physician staff. Using short-term locum tenens organizations or moonlighters, in addition to being expensive, often results in the use of temporary, transient, or poorly-skilled physicians who may not be fully committed to your organization and its goals for quality patient care.

At Southland MD, we believe in staffing Emergency Departments with skilled, experienced, and committed emergency medicine physicians to deliver optimal patient care and excel in patient and staff satisfaction. By obtaining medical providers that are committed to a facility, Southland MD is able to excel in the teamwork approach of medicine with the ancillary staff and promote camaraderie with the medical staff to assist in meeting organizational goals.

/<a name="hosp"></a><h3>Hospitalist Medicine</h3>

Hospitalist Medicine

Southland MD Hospitalist physicians are specialists in inpatient medicine who care only for hospitalized patients. These physicians have no other responsibilities outside the hospital, which enables them to focus exclusively on the care of the acutely ill, hospitalized patients. Southland MD forms partnerships with primary care physicians to better treat the medical needs and improve both inpatient and outpatient experience. Though the primary care physician may or may not see the patient along with the Hospitalist while in hospital, they will work closely with our Hospitalist physician to gather important medical history to provide the best care possible. Our Hospitalist physicians ensure a smooth transition for the patient from the hospital back to their Primary physician by providing a complete dictated summary of hospitalization, as well as through verbal communication.

Southland MD also provides Patient Information Coordinators (PICs). They serve as an important link between you and your Southland MD Hospitalist physician. They are non-clinical and cannot give medical advice, but will help patients and families through their inpatient treatment experience. PICs work exclusively with our physicians and are responsible only for our patients. Your PIC will assist in scheduling follow up appointments or finding a primary care physician for the patient.

Hybrid Hospitalists

Our hybrid program enables lower volume facilities to afford Hospitalist programs. The program uses hospitalist physicians to round and develop plan of care on patients in the hospital daily. The hospitalist physicians take calls from the Emergency department and provides admission orders when appropriate. The hospitalist also takes Floor call during this time. Acute issues or general questions that arise between 7p-7a are handled by the ED physician during these off peak hours. This significantly reduces the financial burden on the hospital, while supporting an increase in the inpatient census. By providing support for the local primary care physicians and utilizing the ED providers in the evenings, smaller facilities see a reduction in unnecessary transfers.

/<a name="outc"></a><h3>Outpatient Care</h3>

Outpatient Care

Southland MD’s team of compassionate healthcare providers are dedicated to treating each patient with the highest compassionate quality care in healthcare. Our outpatient services include affordable primary health, immediate care and family medicine. We have the ability to provide on-site x-ray, allergy testing, weight loss, tele-health, in-house labs and various other ancillary services for your convenient treatment. We welcome all walk-ins, from pediatric to adult ages, accept most insurance plans (including Medicare and Tricare). With extended and weekend hours our team of healthcare providers are ready to care for you when you need it most.

Southland MD has multiple locations across South Georgia and North Florida. Contact a clinic near you to learn more about us today!!
/<a name="cons"></a><h3>Consulting</h3>


Through years of combined experience, SouthlandMD has developed a proactive approach to medicine and facility management. We have the unique skills to help your practice and facility succeed, as well as excel in national standards of healthcare. Whether it is emergency medicine, medical staff needs, inpatient or outpatient care, we have a strategic plan that is tailored for you. After a comprehensive review of the current services and desired goals, Southland MD will assist in the development and implementation of a focused plan. Contact us for more information.
/<a name="behe"></a><h3>Behavioral Health</h3>

Behavioral Health

Southland MD works in conjunction with hospitals and behavioral health facilities to provide compassionate care to their facilities in both the Behavioral Health and Medical setting. We strive to preserve the quality of health and life of our clients who have developmental disabilities or psychosocial issues which prevent them from living a normal life with family and other members of the community.

Southland MD prides itself on providing highly trained practitioners and our leadership expertise in Behavioral Healthcare settings such as Crisis Stabilization Units, Mental Health, Addictive Disease, and Developmental Disability Services. Our Practitioners are truly competent as well as compassionate in bringing quality health care to your patients.
/<a name="tele"></a><h3>Telemedicine</h3>


As mobile devices and broadband Internet becomes ever-present, the world of telemedicine (or, more broadly, telehealth) continues to advance. Simply put, the future of healthcare includes mobile devices and videoconferencing technology and Southland MD has the innovative technology to provide these services.

Southland MD currently provides these telehealth services in our outpatient and behavioral health settings.
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