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You will enjoy a low stress environment targeted for physician and patient satisfaction. Our communities and facilities support our mission to provide quality care initiatives and excellence in patient care. At SouthlandMD, we believe in staffing hospitals & outpatient care facilities with skilled, experienced, and committed providers to deliver optimal patient care and excel in patient and staff satisfaction. SouthlandMD providers are specialists in Inpatient Medicine who care for hospitalized patients. Our Hospitalist physicians ensure a smooth transition from the hospital back to the Primary physician.

Please contact us for a listing of our current available positions. These may include opportunities in Emergency Departments, Hospitalist Medicine, Primary Care, Behavioral Health, Telemedicine, and more.

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At SouthlandMD, we believe our physicians, NPs & PAs, and other staff must remain current in all aspects of their designated specialties, as well as be up-to-date in developing trends. Our regular training sessions, seminars, and other training programs are employed to these ends, and each member of our staff is provided carefully tailored tracking that ensures they stay current, as well as provides for career growth.

An example of the sort of training we provide our staff on a regular basis

Excerpted from multiple slides in the following source: Williams, J. (2011, 7). In J Williams (Chair). Compliance and the practice of emergency medicine. Southland EMS training seminar, Atlanta, GA.

  • Both CPT and CMS require the preparation of a separate, distinctly identifiable signed written report in order to bill the appropriate CPT code with a modifier -26 (professional interpretation) appended.
  • CMS ruled that it would only pay for one interpretation of a diagnostic test in the emergency department, and that should be the interpretation on which the diagnosis and treatment of the patient was based. i.e. wont pay both the EP and radiologist for interpretation of a chest x-ray.
  • If two claims (interpretations) have been made for the same study, CMS will audit to decide which one to pay, or to seek recovery if a wrong claim has already been paid.
  • CMS leaves it up to the individual hospital to figure out who gets to bill for the interpretation.
Compliance: What and Why?
  • A quality assurance strategy to encourage legal and ethical conduct and discourage erroneous or illegal activity within the private health care community.
  • Align individual group practices within the guidelines of CMS and OIG to minimize the chance for abuse of the federal health care programs.
  • Compliance with hospital and company bylaws and policies.
7 Elements of a Compliance Plan
  • Compliance Standards and Procedures
  • Oversight responsibilities
  • Education and training
  • Effective lines of communication
  • Monitoring and auditing
  • Enforcement and discipline
  • Response and prevention

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