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    Provider Spotlights

    At SouthlandMD, we believe in a culture that emphasizes compassion and dedication.

    We work closely with our partner facilities to ensure goals are met and focus on patient satisfaction. Our providers are key to this success. They work seamlessly with hospital and facility staff to deliver high quality medical care each and every day.

    Ashley Traylor, NP
    Dr. Aaron Fuller
    Dr. Ali Khan
    John Steigner, PA
    Dr. Gene Sun
    Treasure Payne, PA
    Dr. Kristopher Palmer
    Willy D. Booker, PA
    Dr. Jonathan Wade
    Dr. Stephan Meadors
    Rachel Meadors, NP
    Dr. Justin Law
    Lesley Maples, PA
    Heather Moss, PA
    Dr. Garrett Chumney