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    Our History

    SouthlandMD is a physician-owned and operated group that offers operational management and provider staffing. Our services include Emergency Medicine. Hospitalist Medicine, Outpatient/Ambulatory services, Behavioral Health, Wound Care/Hyperbaric, Telemedicine, and more. SouthlandMD was developed to bring high-quality medical services back to hospitals and communities that were being run by large, distant staffing companies in which there was no consistency in physician quality or patient care. SouthlandMD is striving to bring back the idea of the small-town family doctor with the added bonuses of the training and experience of some of the area’s best medical practitioners. With an emphasis on quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction, SouthlandMD has partnered with several hospitals and health care facilities to provide excellent patient care throughout Georgia, Florida, South Alabama, and South Carolina.

    SouthlandMD’s network of providers bring years of experience and have a clear insight into the healthcare problems faced by hospitals and rural communities. Our principal physicians and management work closely with hospital and health system administration and all SouthlandMD providers to ensure goals and standards are met consistently.